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We are the proud owners of the Deming Library and the land upon which it rests.  In cooperation with the visionary Whatcom County Library System, we maintain the building and land, fund programs and provide volunteer support for a range of public offerings and for the fundraising necessary for our effort.

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                               THANK YOU VIRGINIA NAEF!

The Friends of the Deming Library would like to give a heart felt thank you to Virginia Naef, the president of the FODL board for the last 3 years, who has given outstanding effort to the library’s well-being.  She guided us through the  pandemic, the subsequent loss of fund raising events, the legal canyons to pass over to sell a donated property, and living to tell the tale!  She is hard working, knowledgeable, and persistent, persistent, persistent.  The term ‘intrepid’ also applies!  Our survival though these past years is her legacy.  

You may not have seen all of this effort, but you have probably enjoyed the “Nature Corner” in every News to Check Out newsletter.  Virginia’s understanding of nature and its fun mysteries is also truly outstanding. 

To receive our newsletter, volunteer with us, or pursue joining our Board, please click the link above, print and fill out the questionanaire form and return it to the Deming Library. 

The Friends are registered with AmazonSmile.  If you use Amazon, you can actually contribute with no cost to yourself through AmazonSmile.  Here is what to do:

1. Log in to AmazonSmile on the link below. Click on Sign In (It must be AmazonSmile, not standard Amazon)
2. Click on Account on upper right
3. Scroll down to Your AmazonSmile
4. On the top, just below the search box, click on Supporting
5. Enter Friends of the Deming Library

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