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Book Sales are a vital and ongoing feature in the life of our library.  They occur in two forms:

  • Ongoing sales of a rotating variety of books found on shelves in the meeting room and on shelves adjacent to the checkout desk

  • Our annual book sale that occurs in May of each year.

In order for these two events to occur we rely on the donation of books that are in good condition from the public.  In addition to books, we also receive and sell DVDs and CDs at the Book Sale.  But there are some rules that folks must follow if they want to donate books, DVDs or CDs:

  • All donations must be in good condition

  • DVDs and CDs must be in their original cases

And we do not accept the following:

  • Encyclopedias

  • Text Books

  • Readers Digest Condensed Books

  • Out-dated Maps or Atlases (unless they are of historical interest)

  • Copied CDs or DVDs

  • Church, Community or State Directories

There are organizations that may be interested in the books listed above, notably Goodwill, the Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity and the ReStore, among others.

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